Cryptocurrency Name = DTCOIN
Ticker = DTC
Tech = Quared
Mining Algorithm = Data Forging
Coin Total Supply = 42.000.000 DTC

Premined Coins = 10.000.000 DTC
Block Size = 2MB
Block Time = 1 second
Transaction FEE = zero
DTCOIN Launch Price (1 coin) = $ 0.10
DTCOIN Actual Price (1 coin) = $ 42.3728

The Data Standard

In the past, money was tied to the gold standard, a monetary system in which the base was an established, fixed quantity of gold. Up until that time, money had a real counter value: the DTCOIN has recreated this concept with the Forced Market Cap — FMC system.

The Stable Coin

DTCOIN is a cryptocurrency, whose value is based upon requests, offers and the traffic of data generated and collected. The first coin that grows thanks to the support of the data market, and that never loses value. FMC is a new way of creating capitalization through cryptocurrency. It is a unique mathematical algorithm combined data sectors, allowing a growth in capitalization for DTCOIN.


DTCOIN 2.0 will be issued by UPMARKETS upon mandate of the Maltese company, DTSOCIALIZE LTD (MT25584806), according to Estonian regulations regarding the Estonian and European financial legislation for the issue of Virtual Tokens with private and deposited blockchain.

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