Cryptocurrency Name = DTCIRCLE
Ticker = DTCL
Tech = Ethereum-based token
Token Total Supply = 100.000.000 DTCL
Tokens Sale = 90.000.000 DTCL

Soft Cap = € 30.000.000
Hard Cap = € 250.000.000
DTCIRCLE Price (1 token) = €1.00
Private Sale Start Date: 1st February 2019
Public Sale Start Date: = 1st December 2020

Monetize your experience

The data and advertising sector: a billionaire market that exists thanks to us. Your online business and social media presence create billions of dollars. Every piece of information you share has a value. For the first time, you can now receive a portion of the wealth generated with your information.

DTCIRCLE ecosystem

DTCIRCLE is an ecosystem designed to get the most out of the value of your data. DT stands for date and is a dimension built on blockchain, supported by the data value of each user. In DTCIRCLE, you will find the tools to change your life, to start making money from your shares and millions of users' data.


DTCIRCLE is issued by UPMARKETS EU company according to Estonian and European financial regulations for the issue of Smart Contract Ethereum.


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