Cryptocurrency Name = DTCASH
Ticker = DTCH
Tech = POS/POW
Mining Algorithm = SCRIPT
Coin Total Supply = 42.000.000 DTC

Premined Coins = 6.000.000 DTC
Block Size = 1MB
Block Time = 10 minutes
Transaction FEE = 0.00001 DTC
DTCASH Launch Price (1 coin) = €2

Technological Development

DTCASH (DTCH) is a decentralized and anonymous cryptocurrency. The DTCASH cryptocurrency was created to provide a long-term, efficient, cutting-edge, secure and specially designed exchange tool for the ecosystem, which will support tomorrow's technology. DTCASH is the tool for creating a free market, and it supports and is in turn supported by technologies of the future.


DTCASH was designed as an eco-sustainable and evolution-ready technology. Choosing DTCASH means using a cryptocurrency intended to support MAIA (My Artificial Intelligence Advanced), a project devoted to the study and development of new devices based on artificial intelligence that aims to improve the relationship and collaboration between human and machine.


DTCASH will be issued by UPMARKETS upon mandate of the Maltese company, DTSOCIALIZE LTD (MT25584806), according to Estonian regulations regarding the Estonian and European financial legislation for the issue of Virtual Tokens with private and deposited blockchain.


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