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UPMARKETS promotes the spread of innovative blockchain technologies and tools for a win-win for companies and users.

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Our mission

UPMARKETS EU company based in Estonia was born to revolutionize the management of data and its use through blockchain technology.

Data is information linked by people’s activities during their digital experience.
Data has been described as the new oil of the digital economy.

UPMARKETS develops innovative technology that can bring economic benefits to users thanks to the value of data.

Choose the value of your data

The goal is a digital economy where users can finally be the owners of their data. Accessing or visiting a platform implies accepting its terms and conditions. It can collect and use the data for its own purposes.

UPMARKETS project allows you to become the true owner of your data. Its goal is to create an ecosystem where you can choose the value of your data and earn from it.

Users drive the data stream

Users produce data using their IT devices. They decide which data to share with UPMARKETS services in a pseudo-anonymous or totally public way.

Certified data

The data collected is certified as 100% truthful, as it cannot be manipulated thanks to blockchain technology. Once registered, the blockchain system does not allow modification of the collected data.

Monetizable data

Users can earn from the data they authorize to share with the services they use, receiving money from the purchase of their data.

Cryptocurrency we are working with

The Company

UPMARKETS EU is an Estonian company authorized to perform wallet, exchange,
token and cryptographic services according to Estonian legislation.

— Blockchain & cryptocurrencies technologies: focus on the evolution of the new money.
— Exchange and OTC market service for BTC and altcoin to access the new economy.
— Wallets development to offer a safe place to store and transact cryptocurrencies.


Daniele Marinelli


Rauno Hobolainen


Maurizio Viganò

General Manager

Giovanni Granata

IT Manager

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